Thanks for looking at my collection! You can contact me at jensma@jensma.de, or have a look at the FAQ:

Do you sell games?Nope, sorry!
Do you buy games?Yes, happily! Drop me a mail!
Aren't bootlegs and multicarts kinda the same?Yeah, I wanted to seperate them somehow. So I categorized them in single game cartridges (bootlegs) and multi game cartridges (multicards)
The pictures of XX are awful!I'll update them with better ones soon™
What is the most "bootlegged" game in this collection?55x Dr. Mario (Game Boy)
Do you put any license on this page?Yep, CC BY-NC-SA.

Public domain game
Unlicensed game, not endorsed by the console's manufacturer
A hack of another game

What is the "OE-fix"?A user from the famicomworld forums came up with a fix for buggy games:

Why do you collect bootlegs?I like old video games and especially the ones I played as a kid. Back then I had a Game Boy multicart that I vaguely remember. In the last few years I've been searching for that multicart and have developed a love for bootlegs.