build your own snes cartridges!
  if you always had the feeling that playing snes games on an emulator just isnt enough

this page is for you.

here youll find detailed information on how to put ANY snes rom image

back onto a snes cartridge and play them on the real thing.

please note:
this page is for educational purpose only.
creation or possession of rom images and assembling cartridges of said rom images may be illegal depending on your countries law.
at any rate, dont attempt to build a cartridge if you dont own a legal copy of the game.
dont ask me to assemble cartridges for you.
i wont do it, no matter how much you are willing to pay.
if you dont know shit about soldering and are afraid of building a cart yourself, you may want to resort to the 64mbit super flash cartridge by tototek or buy a backup unit such as the game doctor 7 from the same site.

  section 1
  hirom games

fastrom/standard mapping


secret of mana 2 english/german

bahamut lagoon english

final fantasy 6 german

rockman & forte english

clock tower english

  section 2
  hirom games

fastrom/slowrom/extended mapping

  tales of phantasia
  section 3
  lorom games

fastrom/standard mapping

  treasure hunter g english
  section 4
  super fx games
  starfox 2 beta
  section 5
  sa1/sdd1 games
  sd f1 grand prix beta

super mario rpg german

star ocean english